We are delighted to be partnering with the National Literacy on their new pilot project, Readconnect. This will be a series of workshops and events delivered by the NLT and partners across three years at HMP Swaleside with a group of men from A and C wings. The programme looks to engage the groups in reading with the children in their lives through storytelling, puppetry and visiting authors.

Kestrel delivered the first of these workshops in June 2022. Working with a book chosen by the men for their child, the storytelling & performance sessions focused on bringing the text to life over the phone through range, pitch, characterisation and improvisation. Each family member has since been sent their own copy of the same book for the children and men to read along together.

All participants pushed themselves to be hugely playful & creative – and both sessions of the day were filled with a great deal of laughter. We look forward to continuing the partnership through 2022 and beyond.