Four Kestrel alumni worked with the writer Simon Longman to create fictional stories that looked at the experiences of finishing a prison sentence and the problems and possibilities of finding yourself in a new life. The collective piece is called AFTER TIME. This was performed with live music to an audience of over 200 people via Zoom

Writer: Simon Longman
Director: Eleanor Henderson
Co Director:  Jason York
Producer: Arabella Warner

Terry Ellis (Blood and Water)
Ricardo Thomas: (Broken Dreams 1 and Signal Fires)
Brian Murphy: (Broken Dreams 1)
Pank Sethi: (Waiting)

Arun Blair-Mangat
Kevin Cahill
Christine Tedders
Emma Warner with William Gardner

Here’s what the men involved said:

‘Thank you for letting me be a part of Kestrel. It really is a life changing organisation’
Ricardo Thomas

‘I always feel like I’m with family when I work with Kestrel and this time was no different. Thank you for letting me be a part of it.’
Pank Sethi

‘Getting involved with Kestrel is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I never dreamt that I would perform live on stage or on Zoom in brilliantly written and produced productions considering where I was up until very recently. It has totally helped me with confidence and my way of thinking about life and I know I am not the only one. A brilliant charity that actually produces results.’
Brian Murphy

‘Working with Kestrel has been instrumental in giving me the confidence to believe in myself and my ability to aim higher then I ever dreamt possible.  A light that as been ignited by being part of something so phenomenally inspiring.’
Terry Ellis

Audience feedback:

‘Congratulations on such a compelling performance last evening. It was moving and inspiring at the same time. The exploration of post prison experience is so much less than the amount devoted to being locked up. ‘Watching time turn into memories’ was a phrase that really struck me. Each of them described in such forensic detail the anxiety that they carry with them always, and is so ignored by the justice system.  Bravo!’


‘Blown away’

‘Amazing, inspiring stuff!’

‘So important to hear these stories.  Thank you to those whose stories these were based on.  Thank you for helping us understand and having the courage to share. Beautifully and sensitively put together.’

‘Such strong and incredible performances thank you! This is seriously important work’.

‘It was fab.  When I compare it to some of the online theatre we have signed up for from the mainstream theatres…I know what I would rather spend a couple of hours watching.’

‘You are doing something with real human value.  But you know that already!’

‘Wonderful stuff.   Moving, specific, and powerful.’