2011 and 2012 – From Me To You

Storytelling DVDs made by resident fathers at HMP Grendon

Working with a large number of fathers to film and tell stories (both original and authored storybooks) on video to their children. These were then sent home as bedtime story DVDs.

2009 – Induction Film

Created by residents from HMP Springhill

Working with inmates to devise, structure and film a docudrama about a new arrival at the prison. Shown to all new arrivals at Springhill and to those considering applying here.

2001 – Bullfrog

Created by residents at HMP Grendon

Specially commissioned by Carlton TV as part of its First Cut series, this ten minute film about a man who’s history catches up with him in a high security prison, was devised and starred in by residents and shown on ITV.

2010 – Double Act

Created by residents at HMP Springhill

Working with a small group of men to write, produce, film and edit a half hour original comedy drama about mistaken identity.