Original Drama (Film)

2017, THE 360° MAN, created by residents at HMP Springhill

Three week film project working with six prisoners to adapt Blood & Water, their play about fatherhood, into a screen play. The men had master classes from industry professionals, enabling them to adapt, write and star in a short film of their own making. Another 15 prisoners produced original music and performed as extras. This was a huge success and was screened to the prison community and an invited audience at Springhill in June 2017. 


2015, NO GOING BACK, created by residents at HMYOI Aylesbury

Ten day film project working with six young men to create an original drama exploring the experience of coming to jail for the first time. The DVD of their film is being used as an introduction film to each new inmate entering HMYOI Aylesbury.

2014, A SECOND CHANCE, created by residents at HMP Grendon

Film project working with Psychodramatist Alun Mountford, and ten residents to devise a non scripted film about one man’s journey through therapy at HMP Grendon. This is used to explain to new arrivals how therapy might work.

2010, DOUBLE ACT, created by residents at HMP Springhill

Working with a small group of men to write, produce, film and edit a half hour original comedy drama about mistaken identity.

2001, BULLFROG, created by residents at HMP Grendon

Specially commissioned by Carlton TV as part of its First Cut series, this ten minute film about a man who’s history catches up with him in a high security prison, was devised and starred in by residents and shown on ITV.




Original Drama (Theatre)

2016, BLOOD & WATER created by residents at HMP Springhill, in collaboration with The Royal Court Theatre

Five week devising project working with ten prisoners in collaboration with The Royal Court Theatre, exploring fatherhood, performed in prison to the prison community and at the Royal Court to an invited audience. 

Hear the men from Blood & Water talk about their experience


2015, SKY FALL, created by residents at HMP Springhill

Four week devising project working with twelve men to write and perform a half hour play exploring the effects of the legal high Spice on a West London estate. Performed to staff and residents at the prison.


Documentary (Film)

2016, LIVING IN AN ENABLING ENVIRONMENT, created by residents from HMYOI Aylesbury

Three week devising project working with ten young men to create, structure and star in a docudrama about what living in an Enabling Environment means to them. They also wrote and recorded the original music. The DVD of the film is being used across the prison system.


2013, OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS, a documentary created by residents at HMP Grendon

Working with residents from across the wing communities to produce a half hour documentary, about living in HMP Grendon. This is shown as an induction film to all those arriving in Grendon and those considering applying here.


2009, INDUCTION FILM, created by residents from HMP Springhill

Working with inmates to devise, structure and film a docudrama about a new arrival at the prison. Shown to all new arrivals at Springhill and to those considering applying here.



HMP Grendon Leaflet2015, A GUIDE TO LIVING IN HMP GRENDON, a brochure produced by residents for residents

Working with men from across the wing communities, and a professional photographer and designer, to produce a series of interviews which were collated into a booklet about what they felt were the important elements to living in a therapeutic prison. This has been used throughout the prison system.


2011 and 2012, FROM ME TO YOU, storytelling DVDs made by resident fathers at HMP Grendon

Working with a large number of fathers to film and tell stories (both original and authored storybooks) on video to their children. These were then sent home as bedtime story DVDs.